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Enlivening Worship in Small Congregations

Discover how to bring vitality to the music and worship of your parish by attending a workshop that will energize you or your worship team! 

Dr. Hollinger will spark your creativity by his enthusiastic and innovative teaching - helping you wherever you are!

The Pastor and Church Musician: 

Friend, Foe, or Fiasco?

This workshop examines the relationship between the church musician and the pastor. It provides a practical approach to understanding what it takes to create a dynamic church music program. 

Topics of discussion include leadership roles, blending personalities, job descriptions, worship styles, and worship planning. Participants will learn how to nurture a healthy partnership between the pastor and church musician.

The People's Song: A creative Approach to Hymn Singing

This is a practical workshop for any leader in the church, with or without musical experience, who is interested in encouraging the participation of the congregation in song. 

Participants will experience ways that worshipers can be involved in improvisation, body movement, part-singing, canonic singing, unison singing, vocal inflections, and rhythmic and instrumental accompaniment. Emphasis will be placed on techniques that aid congregations to sing musically and bring life and integrity to the texts.

Global Music in Worship

This is a great workshop for anyone who is interested in learning innovative ways to implement global music into the local church. 

Students will sing songs from various cultures including Africa, Asia and Latin America. Topics will include the use of ethnic instruments, performance practice, creative movement, liturgical context, and additional resources. 

Extravagant Hospitality Through Music

The United Church of Christ boldly proclaims that “no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”  Music that is invitational has a powerful potential of reaching many people from diverse age groups, musical abilities and theological perspectives.  This topic may be divided into two workshops: 

1. MUSIC AS EVANGELISM:  Reaching out to those who are disenfranchised or not familiar with the Church and 

2. MUSIC FOR EVERYONE IN WORSHIP:  Creating vibrant musical experiences for all ages and people from diverse backgrounds.  

Music as Evangelism We will explore numerous ways to reach out to people in your community through music including drum circles, Bible School, after school programs for children and youth, coffee houses, open microphone forums, and the use of musical groups in public places (parks, clubs, restaurants, sidewalk, etc).

Music for Everyone in Worship
We will look at simple and creative ways to include many people in the music making process of worship.  We will displace the myth that music in Church is only for the choir, soloists or trained musicians.  Emphasis will be placed on how to invite children, the elderly or other-abled persons to make music. Simple techniques will be taught on how to use songs that invite everyone into worship.  We will also develop simple ways of using instruments that are easy to learn such as such as rain sticks, windchimes, djembe drums, handbells and handchimes, with various rhythm instruments.