Enlivening Worship in Small Congregations

Discover how to bring vitality to the music and worship of your parish by attending a workshop that will energize you or your worship team! 

Dr. Hollinger will spark your creativity by his enthusiastic and innovative teaching - helping you wherever you are!

Lacking Music Literacy?

Do you have folks in your congregation who love to sing but can't read music?  You will find new ways to engage folks in worship through this dynamic seminar. 

Concepts will be taught through participation in singing, and playing a wide variety of instruments (boom whackers, djembe drums, bongos, hand chimes, Native American flute, to name a few).

Running low on Resources?

Do not fret about the few resources available to you; but learn how creative use of small ensembles, choirs, and handbells can re-energize worship. 

Perhaps your congregation could use a new approach to singing. Dr. Hollinger can demonstrate and guide you in simple ways to enhance the people's song.

Small but Mighty!

Small congregations often find it difficult to include children as busy schedules and aging membership leave a gap in the youth music programs. 

Dr. Hollinger will surprise you with ways you can involve children using simple and delightful techniques.

Enliven Your Experience!

Dr. Hollinger's hands on approach is one of the reasons his seminars are so successful.   

You will come away with a variety of tools and ideas to enliven your worship! Daryl's keen awareness of the financial issues of small congregations has led him to design a workshop that is both feasible and exciting.